About Us

Providing New York with the best possible hops, we are a family owned and operated hopyard growing hops on our 3rd generation farm. Situated in the scenic Hudson Valley on a hillside, our hops thrive in the plentiful wind and sunlight. Our hops drink the purest water NY can offer, fed from a direct offshoot of the Hudson River whose recognized source is Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondack Mountains. We have been having an amazing time providing some of NYC and Long Island's best breweries with our hops and we are now extremely excited to share our great NY Hops with homebrewers as well!

Our hop packages are all industry standard soft-pack nitrogen flushed in mylar bags. Since the presence of oxygen can oxidize hops and compromise quality, we prioritize packaging quality. This means we vacuum the air out, pump in nitrogen, vacuum again, pump in nitrogen again, and then seal it for maximum freshness. Once you open up one of our bags you'll know what I'm talking about.

From Our Farm To Your Pint

Our Hops

  • Cascade

    Add to your beers for smooth bitterness, subtle spiciness, a bit of citrus. These are our first hops that we grew, and are extremely versatile.

  • Centennial

    Primarily bittering but also used as an aroma hop. Floral, some citrus but less than cascade, with much more bitterness.

  • Galena

    Sweet fruit, like peaches and pears, citrusy with mellow bitterness.

  • Brewers Gold

    Primarily a bittering hop, with high levels of myrcene giving it a peppery, herbal, woody flavor.

  • Nugget

    Primarily used as a bittering hop, but can be used dual purpose. Has a mostly herbal aroma.

  • Willamette

    Aroma hop with low bitterness. Very high in myrcene, humulene, and farnesene producing a peppery, herbaceous, but also floral and fruity aroma.

  • Hallertau

    An earthy, herbal hop. Fairly mild in bitterness and generally used as an aroma hop in traditional beer styles.

  • Mt. Hood

    A very aromatic, herbal, spicy noble hop with fairly low alpha acids.

Contact Us!

For all requests, send us an email at [email protected], or give Alex a call at 516-282-4851! We look forward to hearing from you!